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Useful Chrome Extensions

I thought I jot down a whole bunch of awesome chrome extensions which has made my life easy:

AdBlock - The grand daddy of all extensions :)

Chrome to Phone - If you have an Android phone this is a easy and painless way to send a link direct to your Android's browser

Instapaper - For those of you who read Instapaper, this takes all the hassle out of adding pages

1Password - Install this one through your 1Password's settings. This is a life saver, a single place for all my passwords and secret information, one click login to any website.

Official Facebook Extension - Enough said.

Ultimate Chrome Flag - I stumbled across this extension and boy is it a gem! It tells you lots of useful information about the website you are currently visiting like country, IP address, Google page rank, geo location and trust rating.

IP Address Information - Great extension for those of us that are interested in a bit of networking. Everything you want, DNS, Reverse DNS, ASN, Spam block lists you name it its just plain awesome.

Screen Capture (by Google) - take all those shiney pics of whats inside your tabs

Google Tasks (by Google) - Nice embedded way to access your tasks that sits with Google Calendar.

Google Calendar (by Google) - Nice way to see whats coming in your Google calendar. I found it a little too cumbersome and no quick way of getting to my actual calendar.

Google Calendar Checker (by Google) - Same as above but it acts as an instant jump to your calendar.

Google Translate (by Google) - If you view foreign language pages with any frequency this one will save you some hassle.

Google Share Button (by Google) - If you're a share-a-holic this is great :D

Do you have any favourite extensions? I would love to try it and put it on.