Higher Logic notes on screwing with tech…


New Look for Higher Logic

Welcome to the new look of Higher Logic!! Its been 3 years and I finally got off my ass and put up wordpress =). Keep an eye out on this space for info on our latest projects and inane ramblings from Tony and myself …

In the next month we are looking to wrap up our courses.com.au project (Yahoooooooo!!!) and our first iPhone app. Couple of things on my plate right now:

  1. Wrap up courses.com.au
  2. Clean up and release our first iPhone app
  3. Slaying the Atlassian dragon, I got in on the $10 deal went a little overboard and bought everything atassian had on offer Here Be Dragons
  4. Clean up the dev server … its quite yukky
  5. Hookup my shiny new mac mini with shiny yet to arrive Elgato Eyetv 250 as my new media setup
  6. Watch some good old anime!!!