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Network Commands

Here are some of the network commands I could never bring myself to remember :D

# Analyze and dump some traffic
tshark -n -l -i eth1 host

# Who's alive on this subnet?
nmap -v -sP

# Posting some data with curl
curl -u mark_liu:xx -X POST -d '4142430A02000' http://aa.com

# Lets kill some bad traffic
tcpkill host host12.nixcraft.com
tcpkill ip host and not
tcpkill -i eth0 port 21

# Broadcasting some ARP packets
arping -bUA -s idlepig.com

# Ethernet bonding, lets all be friends
bonding mode=0 miimon=100 maxbonds=1
slaves_bond0="eth1 eth2" config_bond0=(" broadcast netmask")

# Saturate my link fast!
lftp -c "mirror -c --use-pget=20 http://xxx.com/stuff/"

# Mount that share!
sudo smbmount "\\\\\\Network/ -o user=xx pass=bbb

# One banana, two banana, three...
netstat -nepal | grep "" | grep "ESTABLISHED" | wc

# You will take my key and you will like it
ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub root@server1.domain.com

# Time travel... well port forwarding
ssh -L 10000:forbidden_site:80 hop_server

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