Higher Logic notes on screwing with tech…


Higher Logic was created by founders Mark Liu and Tony Dong in 2006 as a way to collaborate and work on innovative and noteworthy projects together.

Mark (idlepig.com)

Is an infrastructure architect specialising in current and emerging internet data frameworks. He advises businesses on production critical infrastructure and operations. With both a hands-on and strategic approach, Mark has helped clients deploy into overseas markets like the US and the UK as well as establishing multiple operations here in Australia.

Having a solid technical background for many years, including studying computer science at the UNSW, Mark has designed and implemented many enterprise level solutions such as Australian health information exchange network (THELMA), Siteminder Channel Manager, Bookingbutton as well as various solutions for other clients like Careflight just to name a few...


Tony studied Computer Engineering at the University of New South Wales. His knowledge includes software engineering focusing on web development. He has many years of experience developing dynamic websites including www.SwapAce.com andwww.OurWishingWell.com.

Tony's philosophy is to make things simple and that less is truly more. He believes that the most worthwhile things in life are those that benefit others.

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  1. Hi Gavin,

    You left a comment on this website earlier today about courses.com.au its payment systems not working.

    I will take the chance to publicly address this. HigherLogic has not been involved with courses.com.au since Nov 2009. We are no longer hosting the website.



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